AI & Your Health eLearning

The Challenge

We were asked to create a desktop educational experience on artificial intelligence (AI) with Didacte and Captivate. We decided to focus on how Concordia University students can use AI to help monitor and improve their health without making recommendations.

The Solution

We created learner profiles to connect to our targeted learner’s needs and planned the experience through a user experience planes outline.

After researching different AI solutions that individuals may use, we grouped them into use categories. From this, we brainstormed creative layout ideas and came up with an organ-specific theme. Each category was assigned to a relevant organ (i.e., sleep was assigned to the brain). To maintain simplicity, we considered alternative options to narrow the number of organs to five (ex., a stop smoking app could be lungs or brain). We decided to use Captivate to construct this organ-themed module to maximize engagement. For the remaining modules, we used Didacte to chunk the information and incorporate media.

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Usability testing to ensure intuitive layout
  • Highly chunked information to reduce cognitive load
  • Open layout to encourage exploration
  • Consistent layout to reduce cognitive load
  • One-attempt quizzes with feedback to reinforce knowledge
  • Additional resources download to continue learning

Key Design Features

  • Standardized Concordia University branding to match look and feel
  • Optional background sound to complete the experience

Software Used

Didacte | Captivate | Photoshop | Xtensio


Cable Davis & Jennifer McCance

The Product

Click here to view the course

Click here for just the Captivate module

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