Mystemica Serious Game

The Challenge

I was asked to create one level of an online educational game. A summary sheet was to accompany the level with game design details and what I could/would have done (with more time and skill).

The Solution

I created a 2D game inspired by escape rooms that teaches and reviews concepts linked to the Grade 9 Ontario Science curriculum. It includes four main genres: role-playing, adventure, puzzle, and platformer. There are 4 towns, representing the main units in the science curriculum. Each town has experienced a shift in reality that requires curriculum-linked knowledge to solve. Each level within the towns provide learners with the clues and resources they will need. The character’s expertise also provides additional clues for puzzles that connect to their interests.

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Real-world links to concepts in the curriculum
  • Opportunities for near and far transfer of concepts
  • Clues and guidance to reduce cognitive load and reinforce concepts
  • Diverse characters to help learners see themselves and their interests represented in STEM careers

Key Design Features

  • The name Mystemica represent the mystery theme and STEM concepts incorporated
  • Colour scheme aligned to the 2D platform tiles package for consistent look and feel
  • Energetic background music in lieu of sound effects and dialogue

Software Used

Scratch | Photoshop | Pixton

The Product

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