Human Rights eLearning

The Challenge

I was asked to create a desktop educational experience with Captivate for any section of the IKEA 2016 Sustainability report. I chose to focus on the human rights section and was given IKEA co-workers as my target audience.

The Solution

To create an engaging experience, I selected the essential information to communicate to the IKEA co-workers and organized it into chunks. Each chunk was categorized by the possible methods for communication and was compared between sections to identify a possible pattern for design. I then focused on the layout of the sections and chunks. I took inspiration from the front cover of the report and wanted to incorporate images of the people impacted.  

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Usability testing to ensure intuitive layout
  • Highly chunked information to reduce cognitive load
  • Open layout to encourage exploration
  • Infographics for each section to reduce fatigue
  • Consistent layout to reduce cognitive load
  • One-attempt quizzes with feedback to reinforce knowledge
  • Link to the report to continue learning

Key Design Features

  • Standardized IKEA branding
  • Consistent look and feel to the report
  • Optional background sound to complete the experience

Software Used

Captivate | Photoshop | Illustrator

The Product

Click here to view the course

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