FunEmployed Online Game Adaption

The Challenge

We were asked to present a game of our choosing and devise a method for facilitating it during an online class. I immediately thought of FunEmployed as a realistic option and my team agreed. As much as I wanted to share other games I love (such as Dominion, Coup, Burke’s Gambit, and Betrayal at House on the Hill) for their game mechanics, they would have been more challenging to adapt without requiring players to download additional software. FunEmployed also allowed for numerous, clear examples of how to convert it into a serious game – a required component for our presentation.

The Solution

I created a Google Sheet with tabs to act as the instructions, tabletop (Common Play Space), and players hands (Player #). Due to the limitations of Google Sheets, information could not be easily hidden from players to simulate regular game play. Players were required to use an honours system to play each hand as provided. For groups where this may be challenging, a facilitator could paste cards from a private document into the players’ tabs for each round. While this adapted game could be played without a facilitator, players expressed appreciation for having us there to guide them for the first round.

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Decreased qualification cards from four to three per interviewee to reduce cognitive load
  • Limited number of players to four to decrease round time (breakout rooms)
  • Facilitator to guide players to reduce cognitive load
  • Structured qualification exchange to minimize conflict

Key Design Features

  • Colour scheme aligned to FunEmployed branding for consistent look and feel

Software Used

Google Sheet | Google Slides | Zoom


Stephanie Levesque, Cable Davis, Aniklet Zefi, Brenna Santacroce, and Catalin Scutaru

The Product

Print and play cards from FunEmployed’s website

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