Demystifying Algorithms eLearning

The Challenge

We were asked to create an elearning course on Algorithms with Klynt – a video-based, interactive storytelling tool. We decided to focus on Demystifying Algorithms for the general public.

The Solution

We created learner profiles to connect to our targeted learner’s needs and planned the experience through a user experience planes outline.

After brainstorming ideas for the storyboard, we set out to interview technical experts, social media specialists, and researchers. We planned to answer two main questions – what are algorithms and how are they being used? Within the later, we aimed to incorporate ethical issues and their real or potential solutions.

The Second Challenge

Arranging interviews overlapped with the spread of COVID-19 in Canada and we were soon told to pause this project. We were able to resume shortly after but were unable to interview experts in person.

The Second Solution

With this delay and rescheduling interviews, we had to pivot our plan by replacing social media specialists with social media influencers. As a team, we collaborated remotely and managed production time with free trials and dated versions of software to develop the learning experience. We relied on our own ability to step into the learners’ shoes as we were unable to conduct user testing due to the constraints of Klynt.

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Highly chunked information to reduce cognitive load
  • Open layout to encourage exploration
  • Consistent format to reduce cognitive load
  • Skip buttons and time stamps to reduce mental fatigue
  • Additional resources to continue learning

Key Design Features

  • Modern, approachable branding for fictitious company: Techsplained
  • Interview background music to polish the videos

Software Used

Klynt | Premiere | Photoshop | Xtensio


Stephanie Levesque & Zev Shapero

Subject Matter Experts

Davide De Simone, Alison Kinsman, Marina Zilster, Hessam Amini, Aron Rosenzweig, Alexis Stylianou

The Product

A web server is required to share this project. In the mean time, please contact me if you would like the file – it can be opened with a free trial of Klynt.

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