EdTech Infographic II

The Challenge

I was asked to create an infographic based on the prompt: “what is educational technology (EdTech)?”, without text (except for a title).

The Solution

My initial idea was to copy the fun posters and report covers I had seen around Concordia University by combining five images that represent the Educational Technology program and overlaying colours, similar to the posters below.

However, a lack of workable royalty free images caused me to rethink this idea. While browsing icons for inspiration, I found an open head icon that drew me in. From there I found icons that represented the main skills developed in the program and created this infographic to promote the program to prospective students.    

Key Learner Experience Features

  • Minimal icons to reduce cognitive load
  • Graduation symbolism and title to communicate knowledge and skills gained through the program

Key Design Features

  • Standardized Concordia University branding to maintain consistent look and feel
  • Incorporated logo to retain association if cropped

Software Used


The Product

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